How can we as commercial property owner/developer contribute to the UN 17 Global sustainability goals?

What do we as property owners/developers do to contribute to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Developement Goals?

To begin with we always apply the Pareto Principle (The 80 / 20 Rule) that in essence states that 80% of you outcome in any given area usually derives from 20% of you activities.

When it comes to the hard core CO2 savings, it is good to begin by hiring an energy consultant to go through your properties technical equipment and prfioritize where you get the most leverage saving. It can be everything from changing ventilation to adjusting valves for the water heating system.

When it comes to the social aspects of the sustainability goals you must go through the goals and se what can be applicable to your business.

We have done and are in the process of doing the below actions.

  • We own some property in a predominantly male dominated area. We now dedicate certain facilities that become vacant in the area, only to women. This means that we do not rent these facilities to males and the business shall be owned and run by women. This is a powerful statement that any property owner can to in the process of contributing to a softer more friendly environment.

  • We have installed and are now producing 95 000kWh/year of solar power on our properties, se link Latest solar plant installed
  • We have written contracts with EON that we only buy renewable district heating to all our properties, Se contracts here
  • We have written contract with EON to only buy hydroelectric power to all our properties
  • We provide free electrical charging to our tenants who choose to drive electrical cars

  • By providing spaces to a low cost, under market value, to culture establishments that contribute with art, music, theatre and other cultural activities, we ensure that these thrive and develop in the area. We oppose the polarizing either or arguments that reason that rents will become to high for culture actors. Culture adds value in ways that not always can be measured in monetary terms and is extremely important in a healthy developing city. Differential pricing depending on business and or activity can be used in developing areas.
  • By providing spaces to a low cost, under market value, we contribute to businesses and that would not make it otherwise. This is especially important for newly arrived people in Sweden that have a lot of working spirit but low education.

  • This is exactly what we are doing in Sofielund together with Sofielunds Property Owners Business Improvement District, se link Property Owners Sofielund BID
  • We have been fixing up the area the past 11 years investing in renovating and upgrading the technical equipment in our buildings ex changing heating system from gas to District Heating, changing windows, installing computers that monitor heating curves, ventilation, lights, electricity and water
  • We have cleaning patrols that have made an enormous positive impact in the area in collaboration with Property Owners Sofielund BID.
  • We have joint contract with other property owners in the area for removing grafitti
  • We write sustainable contracts with all our tenants and inform them how to handle waste and to be economical with their energy and waste.
  • We only sponsor organisations that can prove that they contribute to the goals

  • We use and drive electrical cars and charge them with sustainable energy
  • We reuse building materials when remodeling new facilities
  • We are in the process of demanding sustainability plans from our subcontractors

  • We are support partners/sponsors to Swedens Nature Protection Association. They do a great job and if you as a business do not want to do anything of the above you can become a sponsor, it does not get any easier than that! Become a support member here
  •  We have recently bought trees for 152 tenants on Tree-Nation to contribute to lowering our CO2 emissions with 108,5tones, se Tree-Nation The fantastic thing with Tree-Nation is the reciprocity process. I was given a tree from a photographer and we thought is was such a good idea that we gave trees to our tenants in return.
  • We are big supporters of NGBG Street Party, probably one of the largest multi grass-root events in Malmös history involving a variety of associations, NGBG.SE , Check it out!

How do you intend to contribute?